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phonetrait provides a fast and easy way to keep in contact with all your friends.

A smart automatic sorting guarantees the quickest access to the people most important and relevant for you right now.

phonetrait screenshot
phonetrait screenshot
phonetrait screenshot

Smart Sorting

phonetrait presents you the people most important and relevant for you right now, directly when opening the app.

Unified Contacts

phonetrait combines information from the same person from different networks into one comprehensible view.

Complete Contacts

Find all numbers, mail addresses, websites, notes, addresses and photos within phonetrait.


Choose from different beautiful themes and colors to style your contacts the way you want.


phonetrait supports phone calls, text messages, iMessage, Facetime, E-Mails, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Threema, ...

Automatic Sync

Thanks to direct access to the iOS contacts phonetrait is always in sync with your phone's contacts.

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perfect in combination with phonetrait

stonewall. block calls, contacts and groups.

stonewall makes it super easy to quickly block or unblock a group of contacts or numbers.

Now on the App Store

Phonetrait offers a quicker way for you to get in touch with the people who matter most to you.

App Advice

Phonetrait is a contact book that sorts contacts by how often and how recently they have been contacted.


Intuitive iPhone address book to die for.


Eine elegante Alternative zu einer der elementarsten iPhone-Funktionen.


Alternatives Adressbuch fürs iPhone mit intelligenter Schnellwahl.

APP gefahren

phonetrait automatically figures out who your top contacts are.

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With frequently used contacts only a few touches away, you know you are never far from the people that matter most in your life.

All 4 You App Reviews

App der Woche: Praktische Kurzwahl-Funktion fürs iPhone. ★★★★


Idee und Umsetzung wissen zu gefallen.

Flo's Weblog

L'application phonetrait ou ce qu'aurait du faire Apple pour son application Téléphone.


Man mano che userete phonetrait, organizzerete in modo intelligente tutti i contatti più utilizzati durante le vostre giornate.

iPhone Italia

What stands out about phonetrait, is just how easy it is to use.

App Picker

phonetrait macht das Adressbuch schick und übersichtlich.